Become A Professional HomeDecor Designer

With A Franchising Opportunity From Decor&You

A Rewarding Career Built On Your Own Creativity

We provide personalized coaching and a proven system so you can start, grow, and love your own business.

Own A Flexible Lifestyle Business On Your Terms
Become A High-Value Consultant
Enter A Booming Industry Hungry For New Professionals
No Inventory or Storefront Required

Become The Trusted Professional People Search For.

With home improvement shows and HGTV viewership on the rise, it's no wonder interior decorating is a $700 billion global industry that continues to grow year over year.

The desire to live in a stylish, attractive and functional home is still an unmet need for many high-income home owners, and as a licensed designer with the Systems, Community and Tools of Decor&You as your foundation, you'll be uniquely positioned to help them.

In just 12 short weeks, you'll learn all the basic skills and strategies you need to become a confident, visionary designer, ready to help people create a space they love. You'll receive online and 1-on-1 coaching from designers with decades of experience, showing you exactly how to:

  • Beautify any home, office or event space using our proprietary StylePrint® guide
  • Develop rock-solid confidence as a design professional
  • Work with clients and develop a plan they'll love
  • Use our product partners to get the very best prices and options for your clients
  • Grow from newcomer to trusted authority in your local area
  • Stage your Grand Opening and land your first clients
  • Use our proven marketing systems to attract people who need your help

Why Decor&You?

Founded by Karen Powell in 1994 and franchised in 1998, Decor&You has quickly grown from a local design firm in Connecticut to a credible and established franchise system with an elite group of trained professionals operating as local décor authorities and home improvement specialists.

The best part of owning a Decor&You franchise is the low overhead: while most franchises require inventory, a brick-and-mortar location and a team of trained staff, franchising with Decor&You lets you avoid all that.

What makes you valuable is solely your skills. And with Decor&You's personalized coaching, as well as access to our wholesale catalogs to help you fulfill any type of order imaginable, you'll quickly become the professional, sought-after designer in just a few months. 

Defining Success With The I.L.W.E. Model

I.L.W.E. is how we define the success of your franchise, and we've taken special care to ensure your future goals are met. It stands for:

Income: Your short-term earnings goals. Your training is designed to give you a flourishing, stable income right out of the gate.

Lifestyle: We built Decor&You to have freedom. There are no "regular hours" you have to keep. You work when it's convenient for you, and live the life you want. 

Wealth: Long-term earning goals. We don't rely on fads or gimmicks in this industry. Instead, we give you the timeless tools to be successful for as long as you're willing to work, and generate a substantial legacy.

Equity: Your Decor&You franchise will be built for the long haul with you as the owner. As you gain experience and clients, you'll be able to build a lasting business and recruit a team of designers under you as you see fit. And when the time comes, you can transfer (sell) your business and reap the benefits!


What Our Franchisees Are Saying:

Kelly Murphy,

“Having no professional background in interior design, I would have been at a loss to start this business on my own from scratch. Decor&You provided everything I needed to get me up and going as fast as I could manage. Over time, D&Y's 360-degree education helped me adjust to changes in the marketplace and kept me abreast of trends and best practices so I could keep my business growing. 

The greatest reward has always been the "WOW" of transforming homeowners' spaces. Karen and her Decor&You staff taught me now to do that properly!”

Sandra Hambley,

"Decor&You is exactly what I needed to transition from a corporate career to my own business. I had no prior formal training or experience, so it was huge for me to get help with business & vendor infrastructure, decorating & design training, and coaching & emotional support. The company's leadership and system continued to support me as I coached and built a diverse, and successful team of fabulous decorators. 

Today, my teams offers turn-key, interior decorating and remodeling services and we’ve greatly grown our client base and our earning power. We continue to value the fundamentals of the Decor Plan System, which has set us up for continued success and grew our passion for helping clients realize their dreams."

Ready to learn more about the Decor&You Styleprint® Design System?

Find out what it's like to be a Decor&You designer straight from our CEO, Karen Powell:

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